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        1. Featured Course

          About Bapu Graphics

          One of the most experienced web designing institutes in Delhi

          Bapu Graphic is known for the parenting nature towards the students as it not only helps the students in career counseling but also helps the students to prepare themselves for the interviews and also provides a platform for practical exposure in the Industry.

          We at Bapu Graphics provides 100% placement for our Multimedia and web designing courses students from all across the World.

          Bapu Graphics is a Multimedia Institute which give expertise to all its web designing and graphics designing students in all types of Media work whether Its Print Media, Web Media or Electronic Media. All media covering designing, Animation, Special Effects, Audio or Video Editing, 2D or 3D Animations.

          From last 10 year Bapu Graphics web designing Institute is based in Delhi teaching Students and had tied up with more than hundred companies to place students their after doing any of the graphic design, web design & other Multimedia Training Courses. We provide variety of animation, multimedia & web design courses depending on your skills and interests in which student can have better career opportunities

          Bapu Graphics Placements

          Users Testimonials

          Don't miss your chance of free counselling

          Select your Course

          Multimedia Course

          Graphic Design Course

          Web Design Course

          Web Specialization Courses

          HTML5 & CSS3 Course

          HTML5 and CSS3 course is the latest developing codes for designers and we in Bapu Graphics covers both this codes with complete syllabus of HTML5 and CSS3 Syllabus with lates project works in Web Sites.

          PHP Course

          PHP is Best Developing language to maintain and manage high end databases to develop CMS based websites, E-commerce websites. We at Bapu Graphics cover each core of PHP with complete syllabus through coding and Managing software.

          Digital Marketing & SEO Course

          SEO Course with all contents Tips and white hat SEO Techniques with live project and practical work for your own domain are all special features covers in this best web design institute in Delhi.

          Where to Join Advance Level Web Designing Course

          Developing Advance Web Designing Course, the first ever institute of web designing in Delhi to introduce the core advance web design course in Delhi. It is next to initial level web design course in which you can Design and Develop your website with latest codes of HTML5 and CSS3 using J-Querry , Java Script and can also developed the CMS based websites with the help of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Complete PHP codes. The Most Advance course for Web introduce for the first time which covers all the technical part of Web.

          Professional Specialization Courses

          3D Architectural

          The Course is conducted by the Professionals in this field and guided you with each and core things in architectural work done in 3D softwares with most advance levels. covering you with best results.


          Animation is the vast course with many opportunities in it. The course covers 2D and 3D animation for Cartooning, Gaming, Presentations and the skills you required it to cover with its principal

          Game Designing

          Learn to design, animate and Programming a Game in 2D & 3D animation softwares. Making Games Environments, Developing the game with codes and giving best results with animation

          New Courses at Bapu Graphics

          Learn all new and latest courses related to Multimedia, Graphics design course and Web Design Course at Bapu Graphics, to view all courses go to courses page and select the type of course you are interested in. Bapu Graphics Timely Edit and Update course contents with the latest technology upgradation in Market, Whenever Students gets enroll in Bapu Graphics in any course use to learn the latest technology with latest version of the software to learn, We continously develop our courses contents, Our Team keeps track on all latest features and guidelines to be add in course.

          By doing any one of the latest content in any graphics design or web design Course, Students gets handsome placement in the companies which are tied up with Bapu Graphics. Bapu Graphics also starts many new services in our website to give latest knowledge and content solution to our students or any professional in graphics design or web design industry. In Our Website we had started with Question Answer Section, Portfolio Section, News Section, Course with Duration and Features, Job Placement Help for Graphics and Web Designers.

          Contact Details

          Mobile Number : 9891 222 738, 9891 50 1300

          E-mail : contactbapugraphics@gmail.com

          ADDRESS: 263, First Floor,Pocket H-17, Sector 7,
          Near Rohini West Metro Station, Rohini, Delhi - 110085
          Opposite Metro Pillar No. 425

          Working hours


          Day Timing
          Monday To Friday 8:00 Am To 8:00Pm
          Saturday & Sunday 8:00 Am To 5:00Pm
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